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Michelin Hybrid 12V Electric Cooler Warmer 14 L/15 Quarts, Blue and Grey, with USB port

Michelin Hybrid 12V Electric Cooler Warmer 14 L/15 Quarts, Blue and Grey, with USB port

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Break out of the Ice Age with the hybrid Michelin electric cooler

No matter where the road takes you . the Michelin P14-M Hybrid Soft-sided Cooler will ensure that a cold drink and snack are within an arm's reach. This specially-designed iceless travel thermoelectric cooler features thermoelectric cooling and warming technology. Plug it into your vehicle's 12 volt plug to cool items up to 40°F below the surrounding temperature. You can also flip the switch to warming mode to turn this cooler into a warmer. It can warm items to 135°F or 57°C.

Portable and convenient cooling power

The soft bag exterior features multiple pockets . built-in clips . a quick access lid . and bungee tie down to secure loose items. This versatile cooler has a 15-quart capacity . which holds up to 20 regular-sized soda cans or up to three 2-litre pop bottles. The long-life brushless fan motor delivers even air circulation and the hard plastic injection-molded interior ensures peak performance. The Michelin hybrid soft-sided cooler also comes with a USB plug to help charge your USB-powered devices. You can also use the optional Koolatron AC Adapter (sold separately) to plug this cooler into any 110V AC household outlet.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your cooler

To get the best results from your cooler . place pre-chilled items in the cooler before heading out on your next trip. It can take several hours to cool down warm items in our thermoelectric coolers. Please also ensure that the fan is not blocked so that the air can circulate correctly.

The perfect travel cooler for road trips

The Michelin hybrid cooler is built to last . and is the perfect companion for road trips . RVing or boating. This cooler features adjustable shoulder straps and side handles for easy carrying. The partnership between Koolatron and Michelin brings together a global leader in thermoelectric refrigeration with one of the most trusted names on the road.

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